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The Waukesha Aviation Club is one of the oldest flying clubs in the state, in fact it is one of the oldest flying clubs in the country.


Founded in 1931, Waukesha Aviation Club is dedicated to promoting aviation and aviation safety at Waukesha. The club doesn't own any airplanes, rather promotes aviation through the rich history of aviation dating back to the Crites Brothers, for which the field was originally named.

Hanger flying occurs once a month with coffee, donuts and aviation conversation on the fourth Saturday of the month from 8 AM to 10 AM in the conference room of the terminal building. Please consider joining us some time.

The club also maintains the museum in the terminal, maintains the radio in the viewing area on the North side of the airport so visitors can park and watch planes arrive and depart, and provides airport tours to all groups ranging from civic groups to school children to seniors who are interested in flying.

Twice each year the club takes part in a Eras Intergenerational Heritage Fair at which we have the opportunity to introduce grade school students to aviation.

We welcome any assistance you can provide to help support and promote the legacy of aviation in Waukesha.

Questions about the club can be submitted by clicking HERE.

If you would be interested in joining the Waukesha Aviation Club click HERE.

The club founders



President - Dennis Mohr

Vice President - Dave Capitan

Treasurer - Donald Draves

Secretary - Keisha Kochanowski

Sergeant at Arms - Joanne Murphy

Web Master - Harry Knight

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